Progressive Strategies for the Human Services

"Strengthening the capacities of public and private sector mental health and human services providers and organizations"

Reviews and Accolades

Selected comments from clients of Mr. Beard's trainings, coaching, supervision, consultation, coaching and other projects include:

 “I liked his rapport, his grateful and gracious lead and use of current events. Mr. Beard is very informed on this subject.”

“He has a depth of knowledge and skills in engaging his audience while encouraging their participation.”

"Jonathan Beard is an excellent presenter and is very knowledgeable. He did a great job presenting ethics in a new and dynamic way."

"Mr. Beard was flexible in including information from and the needs of the participants rather than being tied to an outline."

"Jonathan, you are an amazing human being! The training was worth its weight in gold! We have already started on how we will integrate its content into our routine practice activities. We are confident that client outcomes will be positively impacted."

"Jonathan's commitment to professionalism and excellence is consistent and clear."

"For social work licensing exam preparation, Jonathan is a most effective instructor. His techniques for avoiding mistakes in answering test questions were sound. I would certainly recommend hiring him again."

"Mr. Beard is very experienced and presentable. Can we invite him to deliver this workshop more often? Once a year instead of every two years would benefit more of the profession in BC."

"The transitional movement towards person centered and directed care is a long time in coming and I am glad that it is here. Jonathan Beard is one of the best parts of it."

"Jonathan was the most prepared, organized and effective speaker that we have had all week."

"Jonathan was great - very practical and knowledgeable."

"Jonathan Beard rocks!"

"Thank you again for all your great coaching and teaching of the material. I know it made the difference in my passing the exam."

"Jonathan was great, is very knowledgeable and has a great presentation style."

"Mr. Beard has a great attitude, is very personable and wise."

"Jonathan is a high quality presenter. Please use him whenever we can get him."

"This was a marvelous presentation."

"Thanks for the great consultation and motivational statements. They worked!"

"Thanks so much for the intensive review of the test taking strategies. They helped me think like a competent and confident social worker."

"Jonathan does a great job at breaking things down so that they seem doable. He is the 'bomb' and really good at what he does!"

"Jonathan is a classic, textbook example of a dynamite trainer."

"Very well organized. Jonathan is fantastic! I was just overwhelmed with the knowledge and experience of Jonathan, but in a good way."

"He works the room and engages attendees."

"Thank you. Your coaching help in my preparations for the licensure examination has been invaluable."

"Mr. Beard is so skilled at what he does. He is an excellent facilitator."

"Jonathan is a social worker's social worker. His pride in and passion for the profession is strong and convincing."

"Thanks again for the training! Our team loved it!"

"Jonathan is very knowledgeable and, overall, a great presenter.  He does an excellent job of engaging the audience."

"Thank you so much for your coaching assistance on the licensure exam. After failing three times, you helped me with anxiety management, positive self-talk and really using the skills in avoiding mistakes in answering questions. It made all the difference as I have now passed the exam and am licensed."

"This was the best ethics training that I have attended in my 15 year career as a clinical social worker."

"Jonathan clearly values the attendees at his workshops. I was impressed by his moving closer to an attendee in the audience who had a speech and hearing impairment so that the two of them could better understand each other. His sensitivity and dedication to customer service are to be commended."

"Jonathan is the Tim Gunn of social work. He is fun, engaging and quite personable, which helps to 'make it work'."

In 2007, Mr. Beard was recognized by the National Alliance on Mental Illness, Washington State Chapter, as a "Hero in the Fight" award winner in the professional category. The Heroes program celebrates all who offer dignity, courage, hope and recovery to people with severe and persistent mental illness and
recognizes those who provide "exemplary care and support for patients and their families."

In 2014, Mr. Beard was featured in "Alumni Accolades" by his alma mater, the School of Social Work at the University of Texas at Arlington.

In 2015, Mr. Beard was named a co-recipient of the Abe Kriger Visionary Award, given annually by HERO House of Bellevue, WA. The award is for:

  • "Championing the rights of persons and/or families affected by mental illness by consistently stepping forward to identify, address and problem-solve unmet needs in prevention and treatment service systems."
  • "Working strongly and independently to provide, develop or implement policies, practices and programs that improve or enhance the lives of consumers and their families."
  • "Working to empower individuals, families and/or communities affected by mental illness and encourage individuals, families and/or communities to advocate effectively on their own behalf at the individual, system-wide or community level."