Progressive Strategies for the Human Services

"Strengthening the capacities of public and private sector mental health and human services providers and organizations"

Workshop, Training and Teaching Topics (Partial List)

First Episode Psychosis Teams and Supported Education.

Shared Leadership on Assertive Community Treatment Teams.

Accredited Clubhouses: An Evidence Based Practice Model of Psychiatric Rehabilitation.

Best Practices in Psychiatric Rehabilitation.

Evidence Based Supported Employment and Education.

Recovery Promoting Competencies in Community Mental Health.

Best Practices in Comprehensive Assessment for Assertive Community Treatment Teams.

DSM-5: An Introduction and Summary.

The Three Essential Elements of Successful Verbal De-Escalation.

A Supported Education Approach for Students with Psychiatric Disabilities.

Peer Employment Support Groups: Facilitator Training.

Mental Health 101: Tools for Social Service Personnel.

Suicide: A Preventable Tragedy.

Ethical Dangers in Clinical Social Work Supervision.

Preparation for the ASWB Clinical and Advanced Level Social Work Licensure Examinations: Train the Trainer.

The Path to Social Work Licensure in Washington State.

Mental Health First Aid.

Preparation for the ASWB Clinical and Advanced Level Social Work Licensure Examinations.

Capacity Building for Supported Employment Fidelity Assessment (with John Rio).

Ethics in Community Mental Health: Practical Strategies and Essential Protections.

Development and Implementation of an Evidence Based Supported Employment Program.

Mental Illness in the Workplace: Myths, Facts, and Services That Make a Difference.

Clinical Social Work Supervision (with Lawrence Shulman).

Personality Disorders: Challenges and Strategies for Successful Service Outcomes.

The Fundamentals of Personnel Management.

Social Work Ethics: New Perspectives, New Applications, Enhanced Fidelity.

A Functional Model of Board Governance: How To Get There.

Mental Health Inequalities: Policy Implications (Master's Level Social Work Course).

Advanced Generalist Social Work Practice I (Master's Level Social Work Course).

Tools in Ethics for the Youth Worker: Preventing/Reducing Risks of Ethical Violations.

Clubhouses: A Choice for Self-Directed Mental Health Recovery and Wellness.

Ethics in the Human Services: Practical Strategies and Essential Protections.

Professional and Washington State Standards on Supervision Towards Social Work Licensure.

Use of Strengths Based Assessment and Interventions to Facilitate Recovery.

Social Security (and Related) Benefits: What Providers and Consumers Need to Know.

From Benefits to Self-Sufficiency: Actively Supporting the Transition.

Social Work Ethics, Empowerment and Resiliency.

Special Issues: Mental Health.

Social Work Facilitation of Recovery, Resilience and Hope.

Needs Assessment, Strategic Planning and Resource Development Strategies.

A Psychiatric Rehabilitation Approach to Providing Employment Supports.

Collaborative Goal Planning: Walking the Talk of Recovery.

Ethics: Expanding the Dialogue.

Effective Learning and Vocational Adjustment for Adults with Psychiatric Disabilities.

Ethics In Social Work: It’s More Than Just The Code.

Personality Disorders: Assessment, Intervention and Resource Strategies.

Proactive Personnel Management Skills for Social Workers.

Clubhouse Standards and the Development of A Clubhouse: Perfect Together.

Skills in the Supervision of Psychiatric Rehabilitation Personnel.

How Clubhouse Really Works.

Ethics in Clinical Supervision: Now More Than Ever.

Nonprofit and Public Management (Master's Level Social Work Course).